Julie Goodyear revealed to have this heart-breaking condition

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Julie Goodyear's television journey may have come to an end, due to this unfortunate and heartbreaking condition she is suffering from.

Julie Goodyear has rocked the world with so many of her memorable performances. Among the roles she has donned, the character Bet Lynch from Coronation Street will always stand out. Adorned in leopard skin, Julie’s performance as the barmaid was received well for over 30 years.

While the 81-year-old star was aging well and making a lot of public appearances, there seems to be a heartbreaking hiccup on the road for her. Julie Goodyear was recently diagnosed with this chronic health condition, after which her life will never be the same again. This is what is happening in Julie Goodyear’s life, and the status of her health.

Julie Goodyear’s heartbreaking diagnosis

Goodyear’s husband, Scott Brand, recently announced that his wife has been diagnosed with dementia. Dementia, as everyone knows, comes with its share of major issues such as forgetfulness and confusion, and from what Brand said, Julie might be experiencing similar conditions.

He expressed his sorrow as he said that there seems to be no hope of reversing this health condition. As per BBC, Scott Brand said the following:

"My darling wife and I have had to come to terms with this heartbreaking diagnosis. Unfortunately, Julie has been suffering forgetfulness for some time and we have been seeking medical advice and assistance - but we now know that there is no hope of a reversal in the situation and that her condition will get progressively, and perhaps speedily, worse.”
"We have taken the decision to publicly announce the diagnosis as Julie still loves visiting friends and eating out. Inevitably, she is recognised and fans love to meet her - and she them - but she can get confused, particularly if she is tired. I hope people will understand."

Fans support Julie Goodyear

Following this public statement, a lot of Julie’s fans have come out and spoken about their support for her. While dementia is a common household ailment, there is actually no cure for it. Quoting Hilary Evans, the chief executive of Alzheimer's Research UK as per BBC’s report:

"Our hearts go out to Julie Goodyear and her family, following the announcement that she is living with dementia.”

Julie Goodyear’s most memorable work

Julie’s performance as Bet Lynch in Coronation Street is perhaps one of her biggest achievements. So much so, that she was appointed as the Member of the Order of the British Empire in the 1996 New Year Honours, "for services to television drama".

From 1966-1995, she almost entirely dedicated her career to Coronation Street, thus becoming the ITV soaps' possibly longest-serving actor, and not to forget one of the most loved characters.

Besides her memorable work in Coronation Street, she has also appeared in some hit reality shows such as Celebrity Big Brother, and Celebrity Fit Club. She is also a common face in the 1996 set of advertisements for Shredded Wheat that helped her become more of a household name in the United Kingdom.

Goodyear’s acting portfolio consists of a variety of content, given the amount of years she has been in the industry. From winning the reality series ‘I’m Famous and Frightened!’, to appearing in all kinds of reality shows such as Road Raja, Age Swap and Celebrity Penthouse, she has done it all.

She even made her mark in the world of cinema, by acting and delivering some great performances in movies such as Kes and Tug of War.

Julie’s acting career is safe to say, has come to an end, due to her unfortunate health condition. Despite the fact that her health likely to depreciate in the coming days, her persona will live forever, thanks to her iconic contributions to the world of television.

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