Strict rule Prince George, Louis and Princess Charlotte's nanny has to follow revealed

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The nanny that looks after Prince George and his siblings was trained to follow this one big rule, that no one would guess.

Growing up as a royal family member can be a bizarre experience, no matter which part of the world one is from. That is especially true in the case of the future heirs to the throne in the United Kingdom. Yes, we’re talking about Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, the children of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

From having their own unique Halloween celebrations to Prince George’s birthday tradition started by his late grandmother Diana, things operate differently in the Wales residence. In fact, the royal heirs live with a lot of rules that keep them grounded, which was very evidently followed by Prince George for the coronation of his grandfather, King Charles. Now, another strict rule in the Wales household has been revealed, and you will never guess what it is.

The rule for the nanny

Unlike most of the other rules established by Prince William and Kate Middleton, this one isn’t for the kids. But is for their nanny, who is also their caretaker, while their parents are attending to public matters. The nanny for the Prince and Princess of Wales has been with them for almost a decade now. Maria Borrallo, the nanny to the future heirs to the throne, was hired to look after Prince George in 2014 and had integrated into the family very well at the time.

Soon after the birth of Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis in 2015 and 2018, respectively, Maria continued with her job role as a nanny for all three children. Maria is a professional who has done her training at the renowned Norland College in Bath. And has become somewhat of a family member to the children. While doing her duty as a royal nanny, there is one strict rule that Maria is expected to follow, and here’s what it is.

The banned word

Maria has been strictly advised against using a certain word in front of the young royals. The trained nanny was taught to avoid using a particular word as a part of her training. And this word is ‘kids’.

Yes, you read that right. As per The Express, author Louise Heren spent a year at Maria's college researching for a documentary, learning exactly what they are taught. And she has discovered that as a part of the training, the women are taught not to use the word ‘kids’.

The reason for avoiding the word

In conversation with The Mirror, Louise said that Maria was trained to use the word children instead of kids while addressing them. Their name/title is another permitted method of addressing the young royals. Being a strict rule that Maria has been exposed it, it is something she is likely to implement and keep track of even now. She said the following about the word.

"The word kid is banned. It's a mark of respect for the children as individuals."

Adding to that, Louise also feels that Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis lead a normal life and upbringing, despite being royals. She said the following about her thoughts on Kate Middleton’s parenting style.

"Given what we have seen of Catherine when she is out in public, she's very hands on. I imagine her relationship with Maria is very close and they collaborate greatly on the care of the children.
"I've spoken to nannies who have worked with other royal families, and life is pretty normal. You get up, have breakfast, you go to school and you wear your school uniform, whether you like it or not. It would be quite like average British school children."

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