Prince Harry: Details on breakup with long-time girlfriend revealed

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Read to find out how Prince Harry's previous relationship was affected due to alleged intrusion of privacy by a particular publication.

A high-profile case has been initiated against the Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) this month, drawing attention from media and legal circles alike. Among the notable figures involved, Prince Harry is among those who have taken legal action against MGN.

The core allegations against MGN revolve around phone-hacking and the unauthorized acquisition of private information, underscoring the significance of the case in addressing the ethics and privacy concerns surrounding media practices.

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The people involved

The Duke of Sussex's legal battle against MGN commenced at the High Court in London, anticipated to extend over a span of six to seven weeks.

Presided over by the Honourable Mr. Justice Fancourt, the case will see Prince Harry face cross-examination regarding the allegations, with particular emphasis on former Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan's tenure from 1995 to 2004.

Prince Harry: Details on breakup with long-time ex-girlfriend revealed Karwai Tang

Prince Harry's appearance as a witness marked a historic event; since the 19th century, Prince Harry becomes the first senior royal to contribute evidence in a courtroom.

While Prince Harry is a central figure in this group litigation, he is joined by several other claimants, including Cheryl, Ricky Tomlinson, Ian Wright, the estate of George Michael, Michael Le Vell, Nikki Sanderson, Fiona Wightman, and Paul Sculfor. Representing Prince Harry, in this case, is lawyer David Sherborne.

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The allegations

The lawsuit alleges that between 1996 and 2011, MGN journalists engaged in the unlawful gathering of information. While MGN has disputed the claims, contending that some were filed beyond the applicable timeframe, the company has previously acknowledged instances of phone hacking and has made significant monetary settlements to victims.

Prince Harry's legal action focuses on numerous articles published during the specified period, claiming that the information contained within them was obtained through illicit means, including phone hacking.

Prince Harry: Details on breakup with long-time ex-girlfriend revealed Max Mumby/Indigo

The allegations extend beyond Prince Harry, implicating his family and friends, including the late TV presenter Caroline Flack and even King Charles III, who were allegedly targeted illegally. Relations have been strained recently between Charles and Harry however Charles was clear he wanted Harry at his coronation.

Out of the initially identified 148 articles, approximately 33 will be examined during the trial. Although Prince Harry initiated the case in 2019, it has only now progressed to the court proceedings.

Prince Harry: Details on breakup with long-time ex-girlfriend revealed Max Mumby/Indigo

Details about Prince Harry's past relationship

Prince Harry has attributed the breakdown of his relationship with Chelsy Davy to alleged illegal intrusion by journalists into his private life. the Duke of Sussex claimed that the repeated acts of harassment led Davy to conclude that a royal life was not suitable for her.

The statement detailed instances of journalists invading their privacy, particularly when they booked into a hotel in Mozambique where the couple sought refuge. Lawyers for Prince Harry also alleged that between 2007 and 2009, Davy was a target for voicemail interception.

Prince Harry: Details on breakup with long-time ex-girlfriend revealed Chris Jackson

The prince's lawyers further claimed that his mobile phone number was recorded in the possession of Nick Buckley, a journalist accused of being a prolific hacker. Prince Harry is expected to testify in June, marking a rare occasion for a senior royal to give evidence in court.

While MGN denied the allegations and argued that some of the claims exceeded the legal time limit, the company acknowledged a separate instance of unlawful information gathering against Harry and issued an apology. The case involves 33 articles, of which MGN disputed the involvement of phone hacking or unlawful information gathering in 28 instances.

Prince Harry: Details on breakup with long-time ex-girlfriend revealed Mark Cuthbert

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