Prince William has just made a major move in the United States

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Prince William has stirred speculation that he is preparing a major event in the United States - where he has become the most popular British royal.

Prince William, the future King of the United Kingdom, has once again captured the attention of royal watchers and the media with a recent development that hints at his plans in the United States. The Prince's latest move has set off a wave of speculation about the nature and scale of a potential event across the Atlantic.

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Potential plan underway

According to The Mirror, Prince William is causing a stir with a recent trademark request that has raised eyebrows and fueled speculation about his plans in the United States. The trademark application, which has been described as 'unusual,' includes a range of items such as 'printed race numbers, clothing, footwear, headgear,' suggesting the possibility of a significant event being organized in the US.

The Prince of Wales, known for his enthusiasm for running, might be considering hosting a charity run in America, given the mention of 'printed race numbers' in the application. This interest in running was evident when he went for an early morning jog in Central Park during his recent visit to New York to promote the Earthshot Prize.

The trademark application was submitted on May 12 of this year to the US Patent and Trademark Office and seeks to trademark 'The Royal Foundation of the Prince and Princess of Wales.' The listed address for the application is Kensington Palace in London, The Mirror claims. The application's purpose is reportedly to cover 'promotional campaigning, charitable fundraising, educational activities, and healthcare services relating to mental health.'

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According to The Express, legal experts in the field of trademark applications have noted that specifying 'printed race numbers' is unusual, suggesting the possibility of hosting a race or fun run in the United States.

A legal expert familiar with trademark applications told the outlet:

'Normally the language is fairly broad and all-encompassing, but for this application to mention race bibs, in particular, might suggest they are thinking about hosting some sort of race or fun run here in the States?'

The Royal Foundation, led by the Prince and Princess of Wales, is known for its mission to mobilize leaders, businesses, and individuals to address society's most significant challenges. If Prince William's trademark application does indeed point to plans for a charity run or similar event in the United States, it would align with the foundation's commitment to making a positive impact.

Prince William: The most popular British royal

During his recent visit to New York, Prince William addressed the room at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit at the Plaza Hotel. His popularity in America was evident, with former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg mentioning a recent poll in which William was voted the most favored public figure in the country. Bloomberg remarked:

'The prince has clearly won over Americans of all stripes... America has not seen that kind of bipartisan consensus since 1776. But this time we're all drinking to the King's health.'
Prince William United States Royal Family major move Max Mumby

As per PEOPLE, William's popularity in America is soaring, with a recent YouGov poll revealing that a remarkable 74% of respondents viewed him favorably, solidifying his status as the most beloved public figure in the United States. Notably, his appeal crosses party lines, garnering positive perceptions from 60% of Democrats and an equal 60% of Republicans—a rare bipartisan consensus in today's polarized political climate.

While Kate ranks second at 72%, Princess Anne – King Charles’s 73-year-old sister — comes in third at 73%In contrast, other royal family members, like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, received significantly lower favorability ratings of 31% and 24%.

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