Princess Charlotte knows more than two languages and here's how she learned them

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From Queen Elizabeth's mastery of English and French to Princess Charlotte's command of two languages, the British Royal Family has exemplified the value of multilingualism.

Child development and early education are subjects of keen interest for parents, and Princess Charlotte of Wales has recently become the center of attention for her linguistic achievements. The Mirror reveals that by the tender age of two, the young princess had already mastered two languages, English and Spanish, a feat that has garnered both praise and criticism.

Princess Charlotte knows more than two languages and here's how she learned them Karwai Tang

A natural gift for linguistics

Growing up under the care of a Norland nanny, who hails from Spain, Princess Charlotte's linguistic skills have flourished. Attending Lambrook School in Berkshire alongside her siblings, the princess has effortlessly incorporated Spanish phrases into her conversations, often chatting away while displaying impeccable manners.

However, the princess's bilingualism has sparked a range of reactions online. Some critics dismiss her linguistic accomplishments as a product of privilege, attributing it to her royal status. On the other hand, supporters highlight the cultural enrichment that comes from learning multiple languages. One wrote on Twitter:

'It's amazing that Princess Charlotte can already speak two languages at two years old, she's one incredibly talented kid that much is certain.'
Princess Charlotte knows more than two languages and here's how she learned them Karwai Tang

Another gushed: 'My family is bilingual, we speak Spanish and English at home and my kids can’t speak Spanish at all! They’ll understand what you’re saying but won’t utter a word that is not English. Princess Charlotte speaking two languages at 2 years old is impressive!'

Other royals' linguistics ability

Language proficiency is a distinguished trait among members of the British royal family, reflecting their global connections and the importance of cultural understanding. While Princess Charlotte is making strides in languages, she is not the only member of the royal family with linguistic talents.

As per Reel Run Down, the late Queen Elizabeth's mastery of English and French, as well as Prince Philip's command of English, French, and German, set the foundation for the Royal Family's multilingualism.

King Charles's linguistic prowess extends to English, French, German, and even passable Welsh. While Queen Camila and Kate Middleton excel in English and French, Prince William is bilingual in English and French, and also has a grasp of Welsh.

Princess Charlotte knows more than two languages and here's how she learned them Max Mumby

Notably, Prince George, at the age of ten, already demonstrated his curiosity for Spanish by learning to count. Meanwhile, it is alleged that Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex is the exception as he knows only one language.

A significant role in the Royal Family

As third in line to the throne, Princess Charlotte's linguistic prowess is only one aspect of her emerging personality. With each public appearance, the nine-year-old royal captures attention and has been described as a 'standout star'. Beyond her linguistic abilities, her confidence shines through as she takes center stage at events.

Lately, Charlotte has been increasingly joining her parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton, in official events, often alongside her older brother Prince George, who holds the second position in the line of royal succession. This year, even Prince Louis made his debut in public engagements

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