Katie Price reveals new career plans and it's not what you'd expect

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Katie Price's court ordered community service has now evolved into a holistic career path, here's what it is.

Katie Price is a popular English media personality and star who has made global headlines over the years for her reality shows. Being an accomplished author, she has also released six autobiographies and enjoys a successful career in writing.

Recently, the model has revealed that she is leaning towards another career path - social services. Here’s what Katie Price allegedly wants to do.

Katie Price’s surprising career turn

Katie Price who has been working towards uplifting the community, has slowly taken an interest in social services. It is said that she is hoping to train for a new role in helping out society, after working as a model and living like a typical socialite for all these years. She is all set to become a paramedic and has started learning it professionally, since 2019. Katie is also said to have done a stint at a food bank, which added to her inspiration to pursue this path. During an event that she judged, she said the following to confirm her new career path:

"I'm training to be a paramedic, did you know that? Before I was a model I was actually training to be a registered nurse. Now I have been put on a five-year course, I have got four years to go and I'm a trained paramedic.”

Katie’s inspiration for being a paramedic

Katie, who is also a mom of five children, is a caregiver in her personal life. And as per Daily Star, she has experience looking after her eldest son Harvey, who is specially abled. Katie shares Harvey, with her ex Dwight Yorke.

Harvey has several disabilities like autism, and partial blindness, and Prader-Willi syndrome is subject to symptoms like ‘extreme appetite’. And Katie, given her role as a caregiver to Harvey has a ‘gift’ that could come in handy while working as a paramedic.

And it looks like her time in court-ordered services, 170 hours to be exact has inspired her to lean towards a social service-related job. Here’s why Katie Price was ordered compulsory 170 hours of community service.

Katie’s breach of the law

Katie Price had received a restraining order against her, from her ex-husband’s (Kieran Hayler’s) fiancee Michelle Penticost. The reason for this was the fact that Katie Price hurled abuses at Penticost and another lady in a school playground way back in 2018. This meant that she was banned from contacting Michelle Penticost directly or indirectly. These incidents were also combined with other breaches of law such as drunk driving and speeding, which added to her community service time.

After all this, she recently breached the laws in the restraining order when she sent abusive texts to her ex-husband regarding Michelle Penticost, despite the ban. She was even warned that this offense is punishable and she could get jailed for it. But what had been done had been done, and Katie admitted to the breach. This is what the text message Katie Price sent, said.

Contents of the text message

As per BBC, Price’s texts to Haylar were triggered by a post that Michelle Penticost shared, and the texts said:

"Tell your... girlfriend not to start on me. She [Ms. Penticost] has a restraining order so shouldn't try to antagonise me as she is in breach and I'm sure she doesn't want people knowing that she was having an affair with you behind my back."

Katie Price of course pleaded guilty and admitted to breaching this contract in court. And her defense counsel said that there may have been issues with Price’s mental health at the time, which lead to her trying to contact Penticost.

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