Amanda Holden's family could soon go through some major changes

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Amanda Holden has big plans for the family as she looks forward to this one big change that most parents dread. Here's what it is.

Amanda Holden is one of those British television personalities and actresses who seem to have their personal life together. Amanda, along with her husband Chris Hughes, shares two daughters together. Lexi (aged 17) and Holli (aged 11) are often seen with their parents on social media and in real life, doing all the things a typical family does. From attending bake sales to taking first-day-of-school pictures, Amanda is your typical mom next door, minus this one point that makes her stand apart.

As Lexi and Holli are slowly growing up, Amanda revealed that she has some big plans that will alter their family setup and dynamics completely. Here’s what Amanda said about the future plans she has for her family.

Amanda Holden’s future plans

The creator of Songs from My Heart has big plans for the future, and it doesn’t seem to involve her daughters. The 52-year-old actress revealed that she was indeed looking forward to the ‘departure’ of her daughters from their family home. But she knows that there is still tons of time before her younger daughter is ready to move out and live on her own. And it's a long while to go before the couple becomes ‘empty nesters’.

While Amanda is a dedicated and doting mother, she revealed that it is healthy for her children to move on with their lives and embrace what is in store for them. Here’s what she said to explain why she felt that they needed to find their own space when they were old enough. Under all the glam and glitz, Amanda Holden is just like any other mother who wants the best for her kids.

Amanda’s take on her relationship

Amanda’s theory is simple. She says she wants her kids to move out because she shares a healthy relationship with her husband Chris Hughes. As per The Mirror, she said the following.

"You know when [couples] have a problem and realise they don't have anything in common when their children leave."

Speaking to MailOnline about her relationship with her husband, which is exclusive from their role as parents, she said.

"But Chris and I are like... 'you can leave now' because we still have so much in common, we're excited about being left on our own. We're looking forward to becoming empty nesters!”
"Lexi is almost 18 but we have an 11-year-old, so we've got ages to go but right now we do everything as a unit, Chris and I... the children come to everything with us."

More about Holden’s family

While Amanda is looking forward to seeing her daughters grow up and embrace the person they were meant to be, she also seems like she’s enjoying the process of growing up. Amanda often shares photos of her daughters on her social media, especially milestones such as starting a new school year.

Holli recently featured on Amanda’s Instagram as she set off to high school, by embracing a new chapter in her life. With a picture collage of sorts, with a picture of Holli’s first day of primary school, next to her current picture in her uniform, Amanda’s post was touching and heartfelt.

Holden, who is an involved parent, also takes part in the kids’ school activities. She was recently seen partaking in a school bake sale, which made audiences understand that she was like any other mom. In fact, she was a judge at this bake sale, and even took her close friend cum Britain’s Got Talent co-judge, Simon Cowell along as a surprise to her daughter and her schoolmates.

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