Kevin Costner's divorce is getting messier by the day, here's what's happening

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As more inside details about Kevin Costner's marriage is spilling out, the messier his divorce is becoming.

Kevin Costner has been receiving a lot of media attention lately, and this time it isn’t for his Oscar-winning performances. Being the winner of Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and an Emmy, Costner has several accolades that speak for itself.

While his career and achievements have gotten the spotlight in the past, this time, it is his relationship that the media is worried about. Here’s what is happening in Kevin Costner’s love life and his crumbling marriage.

Kevin Costner’s crumbling marriage

Kevin Costner is currently married to Christine Baumgartner since 2004, but it looks like that relationship is crumbling by the minute. The couple were allegedly dating since 2000, and over time, they built a family life of their own. They share a total of three children together, and things seemed to be going strong for the couple, till it wasn’t. His wife, Christine Baumgartner filed for a divorce in May of 2023 citing irreconcilable differences as the reason, shocking the world.

And ever since the divorce was announced, things have taken bitter and ugly turns, with the separation becoming public, with some gory details about the former couple. Here’s what is happening right now.

The very public divorce

News has it that Costner’s wife is refusing to move out of their California house unless the Yellowstone actor provides financial support as directed by the court.

As per TMZ, the court documents filed recently stipulates that Christine asked a judge to get Kevin Costner to pay $248,000 a month in child support. This figure, according to Kevin amounts to highway robbery and is deemed unfair by Kevin’s legal team. And according to The Independent, Baumgartner said that the child support amount is “less than the amount needed to maintain the children in their accustomed lifestyle”.

She also wants Costner to foot the children’s private school education fees, healthcare, extracurriculars, and so on. But she demands joint custody as well.

The prenup agreement

According to the prenuptials agreement signed by both parties at the time of their marriage, Christine is supposed to move out within 30 days of filing the divorce. Her continued presence in Costner’s California home is causing more tension with the former couple. Christine Baumgartner is entitled to receive a settlement of $1.4 million in total as per the ageement. Costner’s overall net worth is estimated to be over $250 million, given that Yellowstone alone brings him a lot of money.

Costner who allegedly had to pay his first wife Cindy Silva, $80 million in settlements, seems to have carefully crafted his prenup with Baumgartner. But despite all the necessary efforts taken by Costner, he seems to have some allegations against his (soon to be ex) wife, and here’s what they are.

Costner’s allegations against his estranged wife

As the divorce proceedings for Kevin Costner are growing more complex with every day, there seem to be new allegations against his wife. As per Hola!, Costner’s lawyers said that he isn’t willing to pay a huge sum in child maintenance as they suspect it is being demanded to keep up with the expensive lifestyle of Baumgartner. It says that that sum is unrelated to the kids’ expenses, and leans more towards Baumgartner, and is described as grossly inaccurate. As per Hola!, Baumgartner allegedly spent $188,500/month, on plastic surgery alone in the past year.

She is also said to be spending a huge amount monthly on personal trainers. Costner and his team are sticking to their original offer of paying $51,940 monthly for child support. He is also ready to paid their education/tuition fees, health insurances, extracurriculors and car-related costs.

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