Katie Price reveals the last time she saw Harvey's father and it was a long time ago

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Katie Price revealed sad details about her life as her ex refused to take equal responsibility for their son. Here's what she said.

Katie Price, who is a regular Page 3 socialite and TV personality, never keeps anything in her mind under wraps. The model is and has always been vocal about her life and her opinions, which has sometimes landed her in a pool of controversy.

But controversy or not, Katie Price speaks her truth, no matter who is involved, even if it’s one of her ex-baby daddies. Katie recently revealed that one of her exes has not been contributing to raising a son they have together. And calling him out, Katie had a few words to say about his absence as a father. Here’s who this mystery man is, and why Katie lashed out at him for being absent.

Katie’s family life

For context, Katie Price is a proud mother to five children, namely Harvey, Junior, Princess, Jett, and Bunny. She had Junior and Princess with Peter Andre after the couple met and fell in love on I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here. She had Jett and Bunny with her third husband, Kiernan Hayler. But both Kiernan and Peter Andre co-parent with Katie Price and play an active role in the upbringing of their children. But this isn’t the case with Harvey’s father, Dwight Yorke. Here’s what Katie said about him.

Dwight Yorke’s role as a father

As revealed by Katie Price in the newest episode of her podcast The Katie Price Show, Dwight has not had any involvement in raising their son Harvey. After briefly dating back in 2001, Katie welcomed her first-born son with the former footballer after they split. Katie Price claims that one of the last times she saw her ex was when their son was born. She said the following, recollecting that day in the labor room.

“Dwight turned up at the last minute but he didn't want to come in the room or cut the cord so dad did it, he cut the cord.
"And anyway, I remember Dwight saying 'Oh there's a bruise' and I thought 'Don't insult me’.
“That was the last time I sort of saw Dwight. I didn’t see him many times after that.”

Dwight’s absence as a father

In her book Katie Price: Harvey and Me, she also said that Dwight Yorke failed to take responsibility for their son, despite Katie trying her level best. As per Tyla, she said the following about it.

“I wanted Harvey to have his dad in his life, but he just wasn’t interested in any of it. 'This isn’t about me. This is your son and your flesh and blood,' I said.
"But he just didn’t give a s**t. There’s only so much you can try before you realize you’re flogging a dead horse. I got up and left, and that’s the last time I saw him.
"I haven’t heard from him since."

Harvey’s unfortunate condition

Harvey has suffered from a lot of health conditions ever since he was a child. 21-year-old Harvey was diagnosed with an uncommon septo-optic dysplasia, which is a brain development disorder. He also suffers from blindness and Prader-Willi Syndrome, which causes physical, behavioral, and learning issues in children. Harvey was also diagnosed as being on the autistic spectrum and is someone who has suffered a lot since he was a child.

So Harvey especially needed a father in his life, which sadly didn’t happen to him. Yorke has expressed his regret in not being around as a father in a 2009 interview with Sky News, wherein he said the following.

"I've made mistakes along the way and I would love to turn the clock back."

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