David Beckham's long-time coach reveals fame has changed the footballer

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Sir Alex Ferguson dropped a truth bomb about David Beckham's attitude change on his new Netflix docu-series.

David Beckham's skills and achievements as an athlete and footballer are nothing short of terrific. The star was born in London and became a skilled football player in his position as a midfielder in the late 90s and early 2000s. He became a big star, fashionista, and legend so early in his career.

His connection with Manchester United dates back to his parents, who were die-hard fans of the club. Soon, Beckham himself secured a brilliant spot at Manchester United, which made his career what it is. Beckham, despite keeping up a seemingly humble image of someone who isn’t changed by fame and money is far from it. His long-time coach begs to differ from Beckham's take on himself. Here’s what Sir Alex Ferguson had to say about how Beckham changed after rising to the top, amidst his high-profile and highly publicised romance with Victoria.

Sir Alex Ferguson X David Beckham

Sir Alex Ferguson made history by managing Manchester United between 1986-2013. Under this 26-year tenure, the club managed to win 13 Premier League titles, and 5 FA Cup titles. He changed the landscape of the club so much so that he was knighted in 1999 on the Queen’s birthday for his services to the game.

David Beckham also enjoyed a long stint with Manchester United, with him representing the club between 1992 to 2003. Having spent 11+ years under the wing of Sir Alex Ferguson, Beckham still seeks inspiration from Alex Ferguson, even today. Beckham even said the following about Ferguson in an interview with the Premier League.

"The sense of community and family that Sir Alex ensured we all felt was so important.”
"Sir Alex was an incredible manager and there’s no way we would have been able to achieve what we did without him. He will always be an inspiration to me."

Beckham has a habit of falling out with high-profile friends. After his move to LA he became close with Tom Cruise, however the friendship turned sour before too long.

Ferguson’s take on Beckham’s success

To give this story some background, Beckham is all set to feature in and release a Netflix documentary about his life. The four-part series recently saw a trailer that featured both Beckham and Ferguson, giving starkly different answers to the same question. And the question was about how the sudden rise to fame impacted Beckham at the time. Beckham answered saying the following.

“My life had become something different…It definitely didn't change me."

But, Sir Alex answered the same question quite differently, when he said:

"Well, he changed. There's no doubt about that."

The Netflix docuseries

The series features the entire journey of David Beckham as he rose to fame from his humble beginnings. It allegedly touches on his infamous fall-out with Ferguson, as per The Mirror. But despite the misunderstandings and disagreements that happened 20 years ago, Ferguson is in full awe of Beckham, and his approach to his craft. Ferguson even said the following later on in the trailer.

"There was something inside of him, that determination."

The docuseries which is set to hit the screens on the 4th of October will explore so many facets of the footballer's life. From his growth as a footballer at Manchester United to his high-profile relationship with Victoria (Posh Spice) and his role as a fashion trendsetter, it dives into different areas of what made the athlete become the most popular footballer at the time.

Netflix gave the following statement to give fans a glimpse of what the series is going to be like, as per USA Today.

“The definitive multi-part series will go beyond the shine of stardom to explore Beckham’s humble working class beginnings in East London, and the drive and determination that led him to become one of the most recognisable and scrutinised athletes of all time”

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