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Fans of Corrie are getting ready to say yet another goodbye to Peter Barlow, as Chris Gascoyne is taking a long break from the show.

Coronation Street is one of the most popular and long-running British shows of all time. From the 1960s to right now, the ITVX soap opera has seen so many actors come and go, but the series remains an integral part of British culture, and rightfully so. Corrie, as Coronation Street is popularly known, is about to make some big changes to its cast, storyline, and characters in the coming year.

With actors coming and going, it is time to say goodbye to yet another star who has portrayed Peter Barlow. Full disclosure it may not be a permanent goodbye, but it is one, for now, and fans are devastated to see it happen. Peter Barlow has given its viewers a peek into so many scandalous affairs, alcoholism, and so on. And here is yet another actor bidding farewell to this iconic character. Here’s what we know about the character Peter Barlow’s stint with the show.

Chris Gascoyne’s exit from Coronation Street

Chris Gascoyne, who has played the role of Peter Barlow for about 23 years now, since the year 2000, is all set to bow out from Coronation Street. Being the 7th actor who has played the role of Peter Barlow, Chris has broken into the character of Peter quite well.

It is to be noted that Chris is set to take an extended break from the sets of Coronation Street starting next year, that is 2024. He is likely to be appearing on screen till the end of 2023 but is confirmed to have taken a break next year, as he has done before on several occasions.

As per The Sun, a source said the following about Chris Gascoyne’s exit from Coronation Street:

"He loves working at Coronation Street but he's got a lot of things he wants to do and the time is right for him to take a break and pursue other roles."

Chris Gascoyne’s future plans

Chris Gascoyne’s leave of absence from Coronation Street is sure to disappoint his fans, but he has some great prospects in the pipeline. As per Digital Spy, the 55-year-old English actor will focus on other ventures, including playing the villainous Captain Hook in The All New Adventures of Peter Pan, a production running from December 8 until December 31 at The Alban Arena in St Albans. The Alban Arena officially announced Gascoyne’s involvement with the production on their Instagram recently.

The post said the following:

"Chris Gascoyne is famous for his role as Peter Barlow in Britain's top soap Coronation Street in which he has led numerous high-profile storylines to great acclaim. This promises to be our most spectacular pantomime yet with stunning sets, dazzling costumes, and a star-studded cast. This is a must-see show for the whole family.”

What happens to Peter Barlow?

Peter Barlow, like he always has, will survive. While there is no return date set in stone for Chris Gascoyne, it is to be noted that there is room left open for storylines involving the legendary Peter Barlow character. Despite Gascoyne leaving before in 2014, the character returned soon enough in 2016. And he has been a regular on the show ever since. So fans shouldn’t be too disheartened by Chris Gascoyne’s exit, as Peter Barlow always finds his way back to Coronation Street.

But as of now, no one knows what is likely to happen to Peter Barlow in Coronation Street, to kind of put a lid on the character. But, since Barlow will feature in British television sets till the end of the year, the makers are likely to shape the story into giving him a good exit.

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