Boris Johnson earns huge profit for upcoming book on his disastrous time as PM

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Even though he is no longer the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has surprisingly earned eye-watering profits after being forced to resign last year.

Since being ousted as the UK Prime Minister last year, Boris Johnson has continuously made headlines with various issues, including his attempted comeback to politics and several financial controversies. Many reports indicate that the former PM has recently raked in a huge amount of money since his resignation.

From PM to moneymaker

According to the Independent, Boris Johnson has recently trousered a whopping £510,000 as an advance payment for an upcoming tell-all book about his time as Prime Minister. The book, whose title and publication date remains unknown, will be published by Harper Collins.

Boris Johnson earns huge profit for upcoming book on his disastrous time as PM Bloomberg

Arabella Pike, publishing director at William Collins, teased:

'This will be a Prime Minister memoir like no other. I look forward to working with Boris Johnson as he writes his account of his time in office during some of the most momentous events in the United Kingdom as seen in recent times.'

The book will be completely written by Boris Johnson, who is already familiar with writing. Before dabbling in politics, Mr. Johnson worked as a journalist and columnist, and it was expected that he would return to writing after stepping back as PM. From 1999 to 2005, the former PM was chief editor of the Spectator and a columnist for the Telegraph.

Johnson's previous books include The Churchill Factor, Seventy-Two Virgins, and the Dream of Home, all of which fared well.

Boris Johnson's financial scandals

Johnson's premiership was marred by a string of scandals, from the amount of public money he splashed out on his Downing Street glitzy flat to the infamous Partygate. Despite the notorious resignation, Mr. Johnson has continued to benefit financially from his reputation. While his professional life was far-from smooth his home life seems to be going extremely successfully as Boris has just had his third child with wife Carrie.

Boris Johnson earns huge profit for upcoming book on his disastrous time as PM martin pope

According to Euronews, he has declared more than £1 million in speaking fees since stepping back as PM. The former PM, who's theoretically still a member of the House of Commons, has given speeches to bankers in New York, insurers in the United States, at a summit organized by CNN in Portugal, and another in India. For a single speech in Colorado Springs in October, Boris Johnson raked in another astonishing £276,130.

According to the Mirror, he has also received over £1 million in donations and hospitality, gifts, and benefits, including a luxury mansion on one of London's most expensive streets from Lord Bamford and Lady Bamford.

Boris Johnson earns huge profit for upcoming book on his disastrous time as PM Bloomberg

Recent reports also indicate that the shamed former PM spent more than £4,000 on a posh dinner at Smith & Wollensky's, paid via government credit card, while he was in New York for a UN General Assembly meeting in September 2021.

Liberal Democrat Chief Whip Wendy Chamberlain said:

'While the British people battle with a cost-of-living crisis, this Conservative Government seems more interested in helping Boris Johnson with his cost-of-lying crisis.'

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