This Morning plunged into awkward moment as Phillip Schofield's name came up during show

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In a series of awkward events, a This Morning guest mentioned Phillip Schofield on live TV, and went on to swear afterwards.

All of the UK saw tons of drama unfold with the Phillip Schofield scandal that showed its ugly face earlier this year, in May, to be precise. Ever since then, any talk around the ITV host came with its share of issues. Phillip Schofield, who presented This Morning, was caught in controversy as his affair with a much younger colleague came to light.

From certain people deeming Phillip Schofield as a monster, to quickly trying to find replacements for Schofield, things took an accelerated pace when the scandal came to light. Facing a lot of the backlash from the controversy that blew up, his co-host Holly Willoughby even lay low following the scandal.

Soon, Phillip Schofield was fired from his role as a host in This Morning. And was soon replaced by a set of rotating presenters. Now, after months since he was let go, a guest mentioned Phillip at This Morning. And it was nothing short of awkward. Here’s what happened.

The guest

Last week was an eventful week at This Morning, October 23rd in particular saw a really odd moment when a guest accidentally mentioned the controversial Phillip Schofield. The guest not only mentioned the former host but also went on to swear live on air, making the moment only more awkward.

In conversation with Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary (during the cookie segment), a guest awkwardly brought up their former colleague, who was let go earlier this year. The guest here is comedian Jack Whitehall. Jack, who was a guest on This Morning, was primarily there to discuss his new tour, and his take on fatherhood. Here’s what happened.

The awkward mention

The conversation was around food, in the cooking segment. While enjoying some Shepard’s Pie in the show, Jack mentioned that he had never been served food on the show before. As per Entertainment Daily, this is what he said, when he casually yet awkwardly mentioned Schofield.

“‘I’ve never been fed before. I got some caffeinated moisturizer from Holly and Phil once. And Vanessa Feltz sat on me on that sofa.”

Everyone was visibly awkward when Jack said the words mentioned above. And maybe Jack did too, cause he accidentally went onto accidentally swear on live television.

Jack’s second blunder

Things worsened when Jack segued into the next topic, his intolerance for spicy food. He said the following about it.

“I had hot chicken in Nando’s once and my [bleep] was like the flag of Japan”.

Dermot picked up on the swear word, and gave the camera a look, while Hammond was oblivious to it. With blunder after blunder, fans had a field day on social media as last week’s episode of This Morning dived into unchartered territories.

The Phillip Schofield scandal

For those of you who are a little late to the party, the Phillip Schofield scandal shook the ITV bosses out of their comfy chairs earlier this year. Things weren’t looking good for Phillip ever since his brother was convicted of abusing a teenager, and Phillip admitted that he knew of the abuse. And to top that, Schofield came out as a homosexual while he was married to his wife of 27 years. All of this didn’t really help his case.

Soon, in late May, a lot of news about Phillip’s affair with a much younger male colleague came out. A workplace romance between a show's headliner and a staff member raises concerns about ethics and power dynamics. The relationship between Schofield and the man in question was legal because he was over 18 and it was consensual. However, Schofield allegedly met him when he was a teenager, as per The New York Times.

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