Phillip Schofield's daughters stand up for him as they make big move

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Phillip Schofield's loyal children have followed their father in removing Holly Willoughby from their social media after a tumultuous period in the former This Morning host.

Phillip Schofield, the disgraced British TV presenter known for his long-standing role on ITV's This Morning, has faced a tumultuous period in his career and personal life.

One of the consequences of this upheaval is the apparent dissolution of his once-close friendship with co-host Holly Willoughby. Recently, it was revealed that not only has Schofield unfollowed Willoughby on Instagram, but his daughters, Molly and Ruby Schofield, have also taken the same step, signaling a significant shift in their relationship with the former co-host.

A once beautiful friendship now gone sour

For 14 years, Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby graced morning television screens across the UK as the dynamic duo behind This Morning. Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable, but it extended beyond the television studio. Molly and Ruby Schofield, Phillip's daughters, developed a close bond with Willoughby during their many family holidays in Portugal's Algarve, where they stayed in neighboring villas. The sisters' friendship with Willoughby blossomed during their teenage years.

Phillip Schofield's daughters stand up for him as they make big move David M. Benett

Additionally, Molly Schofield worked alongside Holly Willoughby as a talent agent at the publicity agency YMU, where the presenter was represented until 2020. However, a legal dispute over future earnings led to Willoughby's departure from the agency, and Schofield followed suit after the scandal surrounding his personal life erupted, reports The Evening Standard.

The scandal and its impact

In May, Phillip Schofield publicly admitted to an unwise but not illegal affair with a much younger member of the This Morning staff. He also admitted that he had deceived ITV, his coworkers, including Willoughby, his friends, and his agent about the situation.This revelation shook the foundations of his career and personal life, leading to his resignation from the show.

During a heartfelt conversation with the BBC, the father of two clarified that the sexual involvement did not become physical until his former partner reached 20. When questioned by the BBC, Schofield refuted allegations of grooming the younger man, insisting that the friendship was initially completely innocent.

Molly and Ruby Schofield, who have been by their father's side throughout this challenging period, showed unwavering support by unfollowing Holly Willoughby on Instagram. The recent move by Molly and Ruby to unfollow Holly Willoughby on Instagram appears to be a symbolic break in their once-strong friendship. A source told The Express:

'The whole scandal has taken its toll on them, their support for him has been unwavering and this is the final nail. They are staunchly loyal to their dad, despite everything that has gone on.'

This Morning's new issue

Recently, Holly Willoughby made her first public appearance at the National Television Awards (NTAs) in 13 years, notably without Phillip Schofield by her side. The absence of their dynamic partnership was palpable, as was the 200,000-decline in viewership for This Morning following her return from an eight-week summer holiday.

During the red carpet event at the NTAs, Holly addressed allegations of a 'toxic' culture at This Morning, expressing her support for the show's team. She said:

'I know there’s been a lot of talk about things and for me personally, I don’t want to speak on behalf of other people, it’s a world I don’t recognise. For me, I look around and see the team getting ready and giving it all. I just want to come to work and have more of that.'

However, the show faced a surprising loss in the Daytime NTA category, ending its 13-year winning streak, possibly indicating the impact of Schofield's affair scandal. Instead, Jay Blades' The Repair Shop took home the crown.

As per Entertainment Daily, an independent inquiry into the Phillip Schofield scandal is currently underway, shedding light on the broader issues of workplace ethics and dynamics in the entertainment industry.

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