King Charles once sent flowers to this singer as she reveals details of their relationship

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King Charles was so mesmerized by this singer that he sent her some flowers hand-picked from his own royal garden.

The British royal family's unique connections with celebrities have always been a point of fascination. For example, the late Queen's friendship with Tom Cruise was an intriguing example of these remarkable associations between royalty and celebrities. Additionally, King Charles III is known for fostering connections with various celebrities. Among them is his cheeky friendship with Sharon Osbourne. And now, Barbra Streisand's memoir has unveiled her profound and enduring friendship with King Charles III.

In her new memoir, My Name Is Barbra, legendary actress and singer Barbra Streisand unveils the extraordinary, decades-long friendship she shared with none other than King Charles III.

Barbra Streisand's six-decade career includes 150 million record sales, an EGOT achievement, and 10 Grammys. She's known for chart-topping albums like The Way We Were and iconic hits like Woman In Love. Her film career features classics such as Funny Girl and A Star Is Born.

In a revelation that has garnered widespread attention, Barbra Streisand has finally opened up about her long-standing relationship with King Charles III.

King Charles sent flowers to singer  Kevin Kane

Bizarre detail in King Charles' bedroom

Their story began in 1974 when Charles, then the Prince of Wales, expressed a desire to meet Streisand. The Prince, who had her picture displayed on his wall during his time at Cambridge University, was captivated by her beauty and described her as 'devastatingly attractive' with 'great sex appeal.' She quipped in her memoir:

'I was told that Charles has said I was his 'only pinup' (apparently he had a poster of me in his room at Cambridge), and he described me as 'devastatingly attractive' with 'great sex appeal.' Who knew?" Streisand quipped in her memoir.'

According to Business Insider, the two first crossed paths in Los Angeles, but their initial encounter was marred by the presence of numerous photographers capturing the historic meeting. Streisand recalls this as an impediment to having a genuine conversation with the charming Prince, revealing their shyness:

'The fact is, both Prince Charles and I are shy, but somehow we still managed to connect, because that proved to be the beginning of an unexpected friendship.'

During that initial meeting, Streisand offered Charles a sip of her tea, and he graciously accepted the offer, drinking from her cup. The British press subsequently sensationalized the incident, turning it into an international 'romance'. She said:

A special gift from the Future King

Their connection deepened over the years, solidifying in 1994 when Streisand sang Someday My Prince Will Come from the Disney classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs in London for a charity event that Charles held. As per The Mirror, the Prince was so moved by her performance and her dedication to his charity that he sent her a bouquet of hand-picked flowers from his own garden. The Yentl star recalled:

'The flowers were fresh from his garden! What a lovely gesture. And he wrote: 'It was such a treat to attend your concert last night — You were wonderful and I adored every minute of it! Bless you for being so kind and generous to my trust — they so appreciated it.'
King Charles sent flowers to singer  Mark Sennet

In 1995, Charles extended a warm invitation for Streisand to stay at his Highgrove residence. This special visit created memorable moments, including an amusing incident involving the King's pet Jack Russell terrier, Tigga. While Streisand enjoyed breakfast in bed, Tigga, who never left Charles's side, unexpectedly joined them.

Unexpected encounter with the Queen

According to The Telegraph, Streisand's memoir also shares insight into her less favorable encounter with the late Queen, which involved a formal introduction in a receiving line. Her decision not to curtsy and her query about why women were required to wear gloves when shaking the Queen's hand created a casual yet thought-provoking exchange with the monarch. The Queen's response, 'I'll have to think about that one. I suppose it's tradition,'

King Charles sent flowers to singer  mirrorpix

Apart from her royal encounters, Streisand's memoir delves into her remarkable career, personal life, and the challenges she has faced. She opens her book with a list of less-than-flattering descriptions she has received over the years, showcasing her resilience and the strength that have propelled her to legendary status.

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