Holly Willoughby's new career move has This Morning viewers unhappy

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From being an TV host, author and model, to venturing into a new area of entertainment, Holly Willoughby is diversifying.

Holly Willoughby is certainly one of the most popular ITV hosts. Viewers of the shows This Morning and Dancing on Ice, both of which Willoughby headlines can’t seem to get enough of her. Besides being a TV presenter, she is also an author and model and has always gained a ton of appreciation for her whatever, whatever field she delves into.

But recently, Willoughby added yet another feather to her cap by diversifying into yet another area of entertainment. And for some reason, this did not sit well with her fans. Here’s what is going on with Holly Willoughby.

Holly Willoughby, the 'new' actor

Holly ventured into yet another (debatable) unexplored territory, which is the field of acting. The 42-year-old talk show host took a brief hiatus from her This Morning stint and is said to have dabbled with some small acting jobs. Holly who was mostly absent for the ITV talk show during the summer, recently announced her upcoming role in Midsomer Murders. The long-running English crime show sees Holly’s cameo and 'debut' into the realm of acting, and fans seem displeased by it.

Unhappy fans react to Holly’s new stint

Even though the show has not been released yet, fans of Willoughby are seemingly displeased by the trailer itself. Fans took to Twitter and Instagram to let their unhappiness known publicly. And as per Entertainment Daily, the following are some of the comments the trailer received.

“Does Holly Willoughby not have enough all ready?”
“All the actors out there that studied for years and would love a role on such a series but no, Holly who admits she can’t act gets the gig.”
“Holly should have done well in that role, but that looks absolute [bleep],”

The case of false advertising

While some people were unhappy with Holly’s acting and presence on the popular British show. Others were quick to point out that the show was falsely advertised. Yes, you read that right. Fans have mentioned that the makers should stop pushing this as Holly’s debut since it isn’t really her debut. Holly has allegedly been on Miss Marple, Coronation Street, Ted Lasso, and Keith Lemon: The Film, among other movies and TV shows.

Others were also disgruntled with the amount of airtime this new stint was given in between This Morning. With a long segment talking about Holly’s cameo in Midsomer Murders, fans chimed in as to how unhappy they were about the unnecessary attention it was getting. According to Entertainment Daily, fans made the following sarcastic comments.

“You’d have thought they might’ve mentioned that Holly’s going to be in Midsomer Murders at some point”
“I bet that segment lasted longer than the amount of time Holly will be in that Midsomer episode.”

Holly’s absence from This Morning

After leaving fans with an air of uncertainty, Holly Willoughby abruptly left This Morning in July. There was lots of speculation as to if she was bidding the show farewell, as she did not say anything at all before her absence. Holly usually takes the summer off from the show, but she always leaves with a formal announcement.

From all the drama that spilled over into her life after the Phillip Schofield debacle, to dealing with a personal loss, there were many theories as to why she was taking time off from This Morning. So fans were glad to know that this break wasn’t goodbye for Holly. But at the same time, they seem quite unsettled with the turn of events given that they haven’t really taken to the trailer of Midsomer Murders.

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